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Metals Trading

Master long-term or short-term metal trading with our comprehensive market analysis on gold, silver, copper, aluminum, platinum, and more. Our experts provide top-notch guidance so that you have everything you need to profit and win.
Metals Trading

Invest in CFD trading on Spot Metals and enhance, diversify and upgrade your trading portfolio.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are one of the most trusted forex brokers in the field. Trading with us means that you can access the financial markets through a super-advanced execution model and discover new possibilities in CFD trading with more than 3,000 instruments in 6 asset classes.
TickerNameContract SizeCurrencySpreadVolume StepMaximum Leverage (1:)Swap LongSwap ShortTrading Hours(GMT+3) Monday – Friday
XAUUSDSpot Gold vs USD100ozUSD430.01500-6.10-3.4801:00-24:00
XAGUSDSpot Silver vs USD5000ozUSD160.01100-0.17-0.1801:00-24:00

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